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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Biking Baileys Harbor

Door County is a great place for a bike ride, if you don't mind sharing the road.  It's Wisconsin, so you have a nice shoulder to ride on and this time of year you can still smell the lilacs.

Door County is farm country, lots of orchards but some cows too.

The cows look a little different here

We left the campground on our bikes one day and rode into town for a look around.  We ended up on Ridges Road, ready to see what was on the other side of the Ridges Sanctuary.

The sides of the road were lined with wildflowers, including a tall patch of Canada Anemone.  When I stopped to get a better look, I noticed something a little odd about one of the blooms.  Click on the picture to see it better!

I thought the center of the flower looked irregular, and then it moved.  There was a spider trying to hide from me.

I waited him out and he came back to sit in the sun.  I wonder is he using the color of the stamens as camoflauge on purpose?  Spider identification is very complex, but it appears to be a yellow crab spider.

This is what he looked like when he first caught my attention.  I wonder what kind of insects he's able to get in that location?

I could have watched the spider all day, but I was probably scaring away his dinner.  We continued our tour, mostly seeing driveways to private beach homes, but we also passed the Yacht Club which was pretty empty this early in the season.  As we sped along we saw lots of yellow lady slipper, including quite a few double blooms.

Patches of Indian Paintbrush brightened things up here and there too.  I didn't even know we had that in Wisconsin!

There's a little public beach we stopped at that was loaded with Indian Paintbrush.  We stayed a few minutes, just enjoying the sound of the waves and the gulls before heading back to the campground.

We stayed at Baileys Grove Travel Park and will stay there again if we revisit.  The owners were very friendly, the sites were nice sized for a private campground, and the mosquitoes weren't a problem there either.  The only downside was the site we were in was right across from the doggy potty area.  Don't book sites 808 or 809 if you don't want to see a steady parade of doggy behinds.  If you have a dog the site would be perfect!

Internet was a little spotty that far from the office as well, so I took my laptop up when I did laundry.  A few lessons learned for when I make reservations at campgrounds in the future.  If you're looking for us at future campgrounds, just keep an eye out for the Nomadic Newfies sign we bought in Gatlinburg last fall!

We're home now and Wayne's working a double shift today.  What am I doing?  It's raining right now, but maybe a know how restless I am.  Wayne's working over the 4th of July too so I made reservations for some solo camping up at Governor Thompson State Park.  Hope the mosquitoes have started to calm down by then or it might really be a LONG weekend!

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  1. A fun time, love the beautiful wildflowers.. Cute cows! Enjoy your weekend!