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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


We're camped a short drive from Egg Harbor and we've egg-splored this small town a couple of times since we've arrived.  They're celebrating their 50 year anniversary of becoming an incorporated village by having themselves an Eggstravaganza.

One of the ways they are celebrating is through 50 artist created eggs displayed throughout town.  Yes, we've seen all of them.  You can pick up a map and a ballot to vote for your favorite just about anywhere.  We started our foot tour through the main cluster of eggs at Main Street Market where we've been getting our groceries.

The surprise has been that most of the eggs aren't just painted like you usually see with this type of public art.  There has been a lot of creativity.  Wayne's 2nd favorite entry was this copper birdcage.

Of course a favorite topic has been things that reflect the area like fishing and cherries.  Birds and eggs were also a big theme, and there were even a few depicting some of the egg-citing tourist activities available like kayaking, hot-air ballooning and the trolley tours.

A favorite medium for the artists seems to be mosaics.  Great way to turn an ordinary egg into an egg-traordinary one!  The eggs are also up for auction and you can bid by proxy through the website link if you simply must have one.

Wayne's favorite was the submarine.  I've got to admit it was a pretty good eggs-ample of what you can come up with if you put your mind to the task.   If we had some spare change lying around he'd bid on it in a heartbeat, but the kind of change we have lying around is only enough to do the laundry at the campground.

Wayne liked it so much that when Katrina and Joe came to visit us yesterday his first stop was to show it to them.  We all got a coffee and walked around enjoying the gorgeous weather in the main harbor area.

It was a great egg-sperience.  Curious about how Egg Harbor got its name?  In June of 1825 a small fleet of boats left Green Bay to deliver furs to the trading post on Mackinac Island and stopped at the yet unnamed harbor to rest for the night.  While rowing ashore there was a race to see who would reach the shore first.  Food from the mess baskets was thrown at the leading boat and food was quickly returned.  Soon eggs were flying through the air and when they reached shore the battle continued until the eggs were gone.

Great story, of course, but I bet they were hungry when morning came and there were no eggs for breakfast!  "Guard Duty" was my second favorite entry.  I loved the way the birds circled the egg.

But my choice for most egg-cellent entry was "Last One in is a Rotten Egg" on display at the marina.

Dig those arms and legs!

I mean, come on!  Dressing him up for the beach was an eggs-tremely awesome idea!

The coffee shop here in town has been another favorite stop of mine.  Eggs are a common theme throughout town and wait until you see what they've come up with!


  1. Such eggs-citement! Hope you don't feel hard boiled by the time you leave...

  2. awww. . .reading this blog has made my day, as we are headed there in a very few minutes. . .we are egg-cited. . .ha ha!

  3. Hmmm.....for some reason now I'm craving scrambled eggs....couldn't imagine why! :)

  4. Sounds like you guys were eggstatic to be there.

  5. Yup.. I like the birdcage one... pretty!

    Karen and Steve
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