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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cana Island

If you make the trip out to Baileys Harbor you can't leave without visiting Cana Island Light. It's $6 each for adults to access the 8.7 acre island's grounds and keeper's quarters.

We skipped the climb to the top for the extra $4 each and made our way out to the shore for some of the best views in Door County.  Views from the top are overrated in my opinion.

Don't mind the bugs flying around they won't bite (much), and watch your step on the loose limestone surface.

Just turn around now and then for views of the lighthouse as you pick your way around the shore.

There are cairns everywhere,  and gulls too.

Lots of plants were growing and blooming in all that rocky, sandy soil that I didn't see in the other places we visited in Door County.

I was so grateful to Wayne for letting me drag him around on the rocks that I even blew him a few kisses.

I loved these tiny pink flowers against the speckled limestone...Cranesbill maybe?

And Dame's Rocket may technically be invasive...but who could resist that riot of color on roadsides and rocky beaches alike?

To top it all off we rescued a turtle who was foolishly trying to cross the road where people were flying by without paying much attention.  I don't know if the publishers of the Door County Visitors Guide had any idea their publication would ever be used as a turtle scoop, but I'm sure they'd approve.

I'm way behind on posting, life keeps getting in the way.  Funny how that happens.  Tonight I'm actually solo camping at Harrington Beach State Park, but I have so much more to tell you about Door County still!


  1. enjoyed this post; looks so summery while you hike; glad you could save the turtle too Pam. Carole at

  2. You're now that turtle's hero! :)

  3. Looks wonderful. Now you've motivated me to post my two lighthouse visits for next week. I too skipped the climb to the top and you'll see why. Meanwhile Save the Turtles.