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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Whirly Twirly

Every time I come someplace like this I'm sure I will go home with a piece of yard art.

Bonus egg!

This year I was sure it would be a whirly, twirly, spinny thing.  Something like the ones above, but on a smaller scale, of course.

On display in Fish Creek

I kept my eyes peeled, but besides these not-for-sale items I photographed the puny ones on display outside the stores just didn't do it for me.  I want pizzazz!  I want drama!

Aaah!  Kinetic Sculpture at the Dovetail Gallery!  That's what I had in mind!  They even have it in red!

How much?  Starting at $1495.00?

Holy Moly!  Guess we'll go home empty-handed again.


  1. They are cool pieces of yard art.. But wow, those prices are unbelievable. Have a happy day!

  2. Love it -" I want pizzazz, I want drama!" Me too! But not at that price. WOW. Who buys those things?

  3. $1495.00!! That's their "I don't want to sell it" price obviously. So you stopped by Wal-Mart and...

  4. ahhhh. . .living in a motorhome squelches all those urges. . .yaaa! I love art too. . .all kinds of art!