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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Here Fishy, Ice Fishy

Wayne's having some technical difficulty with his ice shack and it's not out on the lake, but he couldn't wait to test out his new quad so he towed a buddy's shack out for him this morning.

I asked Wayne how thick the ice should be to have these shacks out there and he said he likes to wait until it's 12 inches.  It was only 16 degrees this morning and the ice is at 16 inches.

The wind off the ice was sooooo cold that I had Wayne take me back out off the lake as soon as our little photo shoot wrapped up. I know they had stoves out in those ice shacks, but damn!  Wayne caught five crappies last night. Yum? Not sure, but he was pretty proud.


  1. Those crappies will fry up good. Nice catch.

  2. I remember lots of cold days ice fishing with my hubby when we still lived in South Dakota. We didn't have an ice shack, so we drove our car onto the ice and took refuge there. Looks like Wayne had a nice catch.