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Friday, December 6, 2013

Kenosha By Fog

I knew I wanted to track down the Post Office mural in Kenosha (that's a whole other story, I'll get to it on Monday) so I had my camera along with me when I headed into town for a doctor's appointment and some errands.  It was another foggy day and I took advantage of the mood and snapped a couple of architectural pics down by the lakefront district.  St. Matthew's Episcopal Church is a nice example of Gothic Revival architecture.

A lot of the buildings in this area are empty and sad, but there are blocks here and there that have been fixed up and businesses have moved into.  The city is trying to revitalize the area, building museums, bringing back trolleys, and completely restructuring the marina area.  The old industrial area along the lake is now a mix of museums, parks and housing that is the beginning of the development plan that is starting to spread throughout downtown and bringing back great small businesses and local restaurants.

As I wandered around I got to enjoy a few window displays, including this cheerful holiday scene.  You can see a few buildings reflected in the window, not to mention me too!

It's a shame to see so many buildings that could be used not to mention prime lakeside real estate that is going to waste.  Now that the economy has stabilized I'm sure things will continue to improve in Kenosha.  All that new casino money coming our way soon probably won't hurt, right?  I saw a sign on the front of the Kenosha Theater saying a restoration project is in the works.  Sounds like something I should investigate!


  1. If I had not known where you lived I'd have said the church was in the UK. Nice little tour in the Fog

  2. I enjoyed your foggy morning photographs Pam, an interesting location; always good to take your camera with you; you got some beautiful images

  3. We've been to Kenosha several times in the past years and there are some beautiful areas by the harbor. Have you been to the Civil War Museum there?

  4. Beautiful church and very nice fog.

  5. St Matthew's would pass for a church in this country. There's a distinct difference in most of the pictures of American churches I see.