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Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa Dog

Since it's almost Christmas I'm posting this cut doggie in the window I saw on my walk in Kenosha from a few weeks ago.  He was all dressed and ready for the holidays. 

I couldn't find any information online indicating that Kenosha's art association had done any type of auction with dogs painted by local artists so I don't know if he's a local mutt or perhaps purchased elsewhere.  He looks kind of tropical so who knows where he originated?  He certainly brightened up the office window for the holidays!  The lights and decorations are really the only part of the season I enjoy anymore.  What do you like best?  See more works of art at Monday Mural.


  1. Well I suppose its very much like the painted Grommets we had around Bristol. He does look a bit green

  2. Merry Christmas ... all the commercialization of the holidays has turned me into a grinch; but I do enjoy seeing the decorative efforts that add cheer.

  3. Merry Christmas Pam to you and your entire family.