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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Dreamkeepers

When we went to the Capitol we happened to drive by a thirty foot metal sculpture while searching for a chocolate shop, commissioned by Don Warren, designed by Doc Evermore (Tom Every). The sculpture was originally called The Love Birds because of the shape of their necks from the right angle forms a heart. This was great to find, because Gail Ambrosia's chocolate shop was closed much to my disappointment.

It's made from materials from Madison businesses, including Warren Heating and Air Conditioning (tin snips that form the beaks, blowers that are the bodies of the birds and still turn on a windy day), The Badger Drive-in (the legs that held up the drive in movie screen), and Fiskers (the wings made of hedge clipper blades).  What do you think they talk about to each other all day?  Perhaps, "why do we never fly south for the winter?"


  1. Wonderful piece of sculpture and well made from old parts recycled

  2. That looks like a Roadside America type of find. :)

  3. Cool sculptures! Sorry about the chocolate shop....