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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fire and Ice

Yesterday I finally emerged from the house, forcing myself out of the funk that grabs hold of me when winter descends upon southern Wisconsin every November.  After our snowfall the other day temps have risen to 40F and it probably won't get warmer until March so it's time to meet the challenges of outdoor exercise in the land of wind and ice.

I drove out to Lapham Peak to finish the small section of the IAT trail that I missed.  Passing through Mukwonago I was surprised by their mural and a quick search of the internet explains its significance.  The area was originally a Native American village and the tribal seat of the Bear Clan of the Potawatomi Indians. The name "Mukwonago" is derived from "mequanego" which translates to bear's den. The spelling "Mukwonago" was adopted in 1844 because of the similarity to nearby Mequon.

Turns out I didn't really miss much, the section of trail I walked was surprisingly flat and my focus had to be on making sure the packed down snow wasn't icy underneath.  But, it felt good to get some exercise and at least the sun was out and the wind was fairly mild.

Out of the ice and into the fire, I met Katrina at the Majestic movie theater in Waukesha to catch the final installment in "The Hunger Games".  The Girl on Fire didn't disappoint.  We need more female heroines, anyone have a book to recommend featuring one?


  1. I miss having snow all we had was frost for a couple of days then it's overcast but cold. I want snow

  2. Oh I hate to hear that 40 will be the high for months and months. I don't know if I could do it. The Mighty Girl website may well have a list of books with strong female heroines.

  3. I guess you'd have to be VERY careful of your footing with snow on the ground. We had light snow on Wednesday and haven't wanted to go outside since! Tomorrow we'll go out for a hike, and, like you, it will be good to be Out and About on a trail again! It's cold outside!