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Saturday, December 5, 2015


Today it was all about trimming.  Wayne enlisted the aid of his buddies and down came the tree on the side of the house so he could get the fifth wheel parked in the back more easily.

I've been busy the past month restructuring the house.  Cory's old bedroom is now the spare room and Katrina's old room is where all the exercise equipment and crafting supplies ended up.  

My tree trimming got finished last night so today I trimmed some cards to send out next year.  This year I used up the last of the store bought ones but  I have enough supplies from my scrapbooking phase to make cards for the rest of my life most likely.  I seek out the gift tags when I'm out shopping this time of year, they are cheaper than scrapbooking supplies and make great accents for homemade cards like the snowmen below.  I just covered up the little tag string hole with an accent.  I also like to cut out stuff from cards that get sent to me and recycle them like the words Joy Peace and Love below.

Katrina and her boyfriend Charlie are doing some trimming of their own, including outfitting Merida from Disney's "Brave" with wings and putting her on top of their tree!

Next up I need to start trimming my waistline, these cold temperatures have got me huddling in the house and adding hibernation pounds!

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