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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Last Minute

As I mentioned before, Cory and I decided to hit the road and drive down to Kentucky at the last minute.  We arrived yesterday at Natural Bridge State Park and the trail up to the arch looks a little different than the last time I hiked up there with my Mom and Katrina.

Checking in to the State Park Lodge a little after 4:00 gave me just enough time to throw my boots and snow pants on and climb on up to try to catch the last light of the day.

I made it just in time to get the last minute of good daylight before the sun slipped behind the clouds.

Light on the ridge, smile on my face!

With nothing but clouds on the horizon and daylight fading fast I headed back down, mindful of where I placed my feet on the snowy trail.  The area caught the edge of winter storm Jonas and received a foot, and though it soared up to 50F yesterday the ravines don't get much sun so a lot of snow hasn't started melting yet.  So weird that Kentucky has more snow than we do in Wisconsin!  It's been pretty snow free since early December, hope we don't have to worry about drought up in the Midwest this summer.

One short but strenuous hike and I'm feeling more like myself already.  Sometimes the last minute is the one that really counts!


  1. Getting out and moving in nature is the BEST medicine and preventive.

  2. How nice that you made it in time for that quick hike:) Enjoy your time with Cory:)