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Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Big-Sea-Water - Miners Castle to Miners Beach

Here's a map of the area I'm in right now, mostly I plan to stick to this section while I'm here.  Munising Tourist Park and the town of Christmas are pictured at the bottom left.  I plan to try to get to Grand Island on Monday if the weather looks good.

Before heading back to my crowded overflow tent site the other day I drove out to Miners Castle for the obligatory sunset view.  It's a pleasant half hour drive from Munising Tourist Park to the site, and since I was a few hours early I took the path to Miners Beach.

Walking along the North Country Trail is always fairly easy going but there is a hill to navigate down to the beach.  If you're wearing sneakers like I was just take your time.  Flip flops not recommended!

The birch bark lit the path, the breeze occasionally stirred past their trunks, the sandy path muffled my footsteps and for a while I felt like I had the woods and the Big-Sea-Water beyond them all to myself.

Miners River makes its way along the path as you get closer to the beach and is a good place to catch Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass.

Where the river meets Lake Superior I ducked through a tunnel of bushes that were just starting to bloom, enjoying their sweet fragrance and thankful they weren't attracting any bees...

As I emerged onto the sand I saw blueberry bushes lining the top of the dune!  The ones in the woods weren't even starting to make berries yet but the sun makes a difference and I stopped every few steps to grab another 5 or 6 ripe ones as I made my way along.

I skipped the beach for the time being and continued along the North Country Trail, seeing great views ahead down Miners Beach.

Once I finally made my way down there I soaked up the sun and sounds of the water hitting shore.

Heading back I passed families splashing in the waves and strong young men hauling kayaks out of the water.

Once I got caught too close to the water I gave it up as a lost cause and just walked in the water where the sand was firmer.  Before heading back up to Miners Castle I had to stop and empty the sand out of my drenched shoes though.

Even with my dallying I was still a bit too early for that late day light at Miners Castle but after all that walking in the sand I was ready to call it a day.  For comparison, here's a shot with my iPhone:

And here's one I took from the same spot in 2014 with my DSLR:

I sure miss my camera.  At first it was nice not carrying around the extra weight, but I'm starting to appreciate that it's worth the sacrifice to get the shots I want!


  1. This is a nice area. We hiked to see Miners Castle. Lake Superior is so beautiful. It was wonderful hiking around and looking down at the beautiful cliffs and caves. I actually like your iPhone photo:) But I do like the ice in the camera photo (hard to recreate in the summer).

  2. We did the last Pictured Rocks boat tour of the day for those sunset pictures. Very cool

  3. We did the last Pictured Rocks boat tour of the day for those sunset pictures. Very cool