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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Arts, Falls and Two Groundhogs

From Levi Jackson we took a few side trips, once to Berea to check out the art scene on a rainy day.

And once to walk along Cumberland Falls.  We are just suckers for a visit there

Was this my 4th visit?  My 5th visit? Who can keep track?

I've been there for fall color, a wintry moonbow, spring wildflowers, waterfall hikes, bears at night while I slept in my tent, and even butterflies and Easter with my mother. In comparison to all that this visit was rather uneventful, but it was fun remembering all of my previous visits as we walked along.

After leaving Levi Jackson we headed over to General Butler State Park near the Indiana border to get a little closer to home.

Once again we had half the park to ourselves, and the nicest hosts.  The cats couldn't wait to get out and explore every day and try to make friends of their own.  See who was just a few campsites over?  A groundhog set up base beneath that tree...Jewel was eager to make friends but we steered them around.

Most of the sites were on the shorter side so a visit in the summer with a larger rig might be difficult.  This park had a little more hiking though and I walked in the woods and up the hillside to the resort a few times.

Here's a better groundhog photo, though not the same specimen!  We saw one again when we drove through Clifty Falls Park in Indiana.  More on Indiana next!

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  1. That's a groundhog, if my dog saw that it would chase it. funny little critter.