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Monday, November 20, 2017

Levi Jackson State Park in October

Where we were we on Halloween?  We scooted down to Kentucky for a bit to catch those last fleeting fall days.

We stayed at Levi Jackson State Park for a few days which is near the town of London.  Not much around to do except enjoy the quiet park after the summer crowds have gone.

The park contains a pioneer settlement, a pool and a few short hiking trails which were perfect for our girls to explore.

Celia found a caterpillar who rolled up and tried to hide from her.  And they spent a lot of time watching squirrels and birds.

Celia even thought about climbing a few trees to join them.

Even though we missed the trick or treaters who came the weekend before Halloween, we still put out our decorations in the mostly empty campground.  The sites up near the front are paved and more modern, but we chose the back end of the park because of the solitude. Kentucky State Parks now have free wi-fi but it was kind of spotty at times so sometimes we had to use our Verizon data to watch our Netflix.

I got to take a walk every day, including a 6 mile trek on the Sheltowee Trace Trail which was only about half an hour away.

As a general rule, when the leaves are bigger than your feet you're not in Wisconsin anymore.

It drizzled a little and there wasn't much to see, but it was so good to be out in the woods by myself that I just kept going.

I was looking for a suspension bridge...turns out I went the wrong direction and if I had gone the other way to start with I wouldn't have had that 6 mile walk so maybe things worked out for the best!


  1. Some nice fall colours there. Not sure I would be happy taking cats away with me, be scared they got away on me

  2. Those are huge leaves! But what a nice walk you had.