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Friday, June 15, 2018

Glittering Crystal and Golden Cherubs at the Westgate

Designed as a re-creation of an anteroom in the Palace of Versailles, the Grand Lobby of the Westgate Hotel in San Diego hosts afternoon tea on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

My mother had to go for the tea...I had to go admire its Baccarat crystal chandeliers, Flemish and French tapestries and Persian carpets.

High tea is one of my mother's cherished rituals, and the menu did not disappoint.

Martin's suggestion of a glass of champagne was not declined, and the melodious sounds of a harp playing added to the relaxing atmosphere.

Mom was in her happy place, indulging in an array of delicious tea sandwiches, sweet pastries, scones and seasonal berries.

I was in my happy place admiring the decor, including this light fixture featuring Hermes if I'm not mistaken.

Golden beauties were everywhere including this urn...

...and the table it sat upon.

What would you expect when modeling your decor on the Palace of Versailles?  Hopefully someday I will get there and see that spectacular Hall of Mirrors for myself.

In the meantime I was happy to make do with the golden cherubs adorning the mantels and tabletops at the Westgate before I headed out to the sunny streets in search of my own cherished ritual of peeking in doorways for architectural treasures.

Still, the little clock-holding cherub sitting on a desk in the Grand Lobby might have been my favorite find of the day!

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