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Friday, August 31, 2018

On Land and Sea

When Wayne suggested we bring the kayaks to Newfoundland I was a little skeptical, after all they were not designed for big water but rather for smaller rivers and lakes.

Our 10 footers not really for rough sailing

If you want a paddle in the big water you should have a true sea kayak for better stability and steering, not to mention a waterproof apron for when the water tries to come aboard.

Putting out at Swans Cove

Still, we did get one morning where it was calm enough (and we woke up early enough) to put the kayaks in the water right across from his mother's house in Placentia at Swans Cove.

We could only go up Southeast Arm he told me, not down Northeast Arm toward Placentia Bay because the tide would be too strong for us.  If you look in the photo above you can see the pull of the tide just behind Wayne as it goes in and out of the bay.

So off we went to check out Snack Cove, Little Judy Cove and Big Judy Cove.  In case you're wondering, everything has a name in Newfoundland whether big or small.

Wayne stops to watch the boat pass by alongside Dixons Hill

I learned a few new things like the hill up behind his house where the graveyard is located is called Dixons Hill.  I overheard a few stories involving that hill that made me think it was a miracle he ever lived to meet me.

We didn't stay out long and I'd have to say I'd still prefer lakes and rivers in a kayak, but it was nice to see the area from a different perspective.

What was even nicer was being out in the kayaks at all.  Between my shoulder and then my carpal tunnel in both hands and then Wayne's issues with his back we haven't used them in a couple of years.

Placentia graveyard on Dixons HIll

The graveyard sure looked small seen from the water, though I feel that way when I see the Freshwater graveyard from Castle Hill also.  We'll get to that another day.  Wayne did take his mother up there one day to visit her husband, her sister and her sons who have passed before her.  Of course she has other family buried at St. Leonard's.

When we paddled over to Dixons Hill we stopped for a few minutes to watch the Kingfishers darting back and forth but the iPhoneX is still no match for birds in action (or landscapes, or night photography either) so you'll have to take my word for it.  We also saw a loon and a cormorant, but besides the 2 boats that trundled past the morning was still and quiet.

Castle Hill on the right, Sacred Heart Church steeple visible too

We would have gone on longer but Wayne's back was bothering him so we headed back.  He's hoping a seat adjustment will solve the problem the next time we go out.  Or if we end up moving all our stuff up there next year we will have the tandem kayak and maybe that one will be more comfortable.  Wayne has no problem sharing his equipment (and often even giving things away) so if he can't use it anymore I'm sure someone will make use of it.

I still can't believe when we go home next year we'll be buying a big boat for crossing the bay...

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  1. Great pictures:) We spent about three weeks in Newfoundland in 2015. It was a great place and we would love to go back.