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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Shuff That in Yer Gob

Charlie and Katrina were on the warpath for some lobster but we just missed lobster season when we visited.  Their season is shorter than in New Brunswick and Maine, unless you get lucky and someone put some in the freezer for you.  I didn't tell them that I saw some thawing out over at Cousin Cliff's house...

Word was out that I had to have a feed of my Newfoundland favorite which is rabbit, so my sister-in-law Theresa obliged and made it even better with some pease pudding, carrots and doughballs (dumplings) with gravy.

Rabbit may have to move over though, because the caribou we got served on our charter trip out to St. Kyran's was fantastic.  My first taste of caribou did not disappoint, and the apricot bread was pretty tasty too!

Wayne's brother Jim makes a plate

 No matter where you go and what they serve you can guarantee they'll be asking you if you'd like a cup of tea.  Lots of orange pekoe in Newfoundland, served with Carnation milk out of the can so if you're lactose intolerant bring along your own substitute!

My Mom, Aunt Agg and me getting a mug-up

And to go with that cup of tea you'll likely see a cupboard full of Purity products.  Lemon Cream crackers used to be my favorite, but now I'm in love with Tea-Vees for their jam filling.  Snacks with tea is called a Mug-Up, if you get asked if you want a Mug-Up the answer is always yes.

Gourmet chocolate is a little harder to come by, but the Newfoundland Chocolate Company's is pretty good and it's even wrapped with Newfie sayings and the colors of the old Republic of Newfoundland flag.  It's easy to find in St. John's and most gift shops have some as well.

You can buy jam on the side of the road, but the best jam I had was in Mt. Pearl homemade by my sister-in-law Alverna.  Served up with fresh pan fried cod and some toutons, my Ducky! (Toutons are fried bread dough, served with molasses, jam or butter or whatever else you can think of) She also gave me an oatmeal chocolate chip raisin cookie that was the recipe of my other sis-in-law, Donnie, so I'll be baking those soon and stocking up the freezer!

Thanks, Alverna!

I've already made some jam from the blueberries and partridgeberries that my Uncle Ronnie picked last year.  I smuggled a gallon sized bag of each home in the freezer of the RV.  There has been Newfoundland berries in my oatmeal since I've been home or jam on my toast every morning!

Nan's fishcake method

Fresh fish is available on Fridays on the side of the road in Placentia, and Wayne picked some up so my Nan could show me how she makes fishcakes.  The salt cod has to be soaked first, but then it's packed together with onions and potatoes and fried up in the pan.

Me and Nan "codding" around

 I wasn't doing it right so I got a tongue lashing.  I can't believe I got my 90 year old Nan to go along with these shenanigans, but she finds me funny and I can always make her laugh.

Charlie and Katrina ready for fishcakes

She was doubtful they would be fit to eat, but when I brought one over to her she popped it in her mouth and the surprise on her face was genuine.  "That's good!" She mumbled through her mouthful of cod and potatoes, and promptly grabbed another one and got to work.  She didn't even wait for a plate and some ketchup!

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