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Monday, November 18, 2019

Third Falls

Every time I drove to our new home this summer I noticed a little pull out on the side of the road and a path leading to the woods.

Eventually I got around to checking it out. Not sure of the name of the brook flowing along the path but at the time the water was low.

Which was a good thing because when the path ran out I had to make a crossing to keep going.

Sure enough, there was a path on the other side! Not very wide but man made and not just a moose track.

It was getting later in the day and the light was making lovely reflections as I continued alongside the water.

Once again I had to make a crossing to continue on.

But it was a fun spot to stop and watch the water rush along by my feet!

A few more minutes through the woods and I came to a sudden end atop a rocky outcrop.  Overall I'd say it was probably 3/4 mile walk in to the falls.

My guess was a local swimming hole and sure enough when I got home Wayne said I had found Third Falls and they used to go swimming there as teenagers.  The falls is a little taller than it looks in the photos, but still maybe around 6 feet.  I went back another time in October and approached from the other side, I'll post the pictures tomorrow for comparison!


  1. What a lot of rocks in that I'm glad there was a swimming hole. Nice waterfall too!