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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Trinity Views and Icy Feet - The Skerwink Trail Part 2

After rounding the headland on the Skerwink Trail I was eager to see if I would spot more iceberg pieces as I continued along the coast toward Trinity.

There was a section around about the 3 km mark that was a bit difficult with steep eroded trail and no handholds, making me a bit nervous about what was ahead.  Don't fret, it was just those few feet that were nerve wracking and then it was smooth hiking with gentle ups and down on well defined trail.

Before long I was in the woods with my bitty bergs behind me, and soon I had views of the lovely town of Trinity.

In the summer Trinity is normally a tourist hot-spot with shops, inns and the Rising Tide Theater to round out a nice getaway.  Of course there are no performances this year with the Covid-19 outbreak.

This might be a good spot to mention that Newfoundland is still quite strict compared to some other places with their outbreak restricitons.  We had over a month with no new cases, and that is due to that extreme vigilance.  Even now we only have 3 cases I believe and all of them are returning residents who had been in self-isolation when tested positive.

It's been over 3 weeks since we began letting the other Atlantic Provinces visit our shores, and so far so good.  Our Premier has said that if numbers begin to rise we will shut our border again.  We are still closed to the rest of Canada and the rest of the world.  We hope to welcome you all back next year!

 At the 3.5 km the trail winds down off the headland onto a rocky beach cove where I saw more bits of iceberg rolling in on the tide.

Sure ya knows I had to take off m'shoes! I actually had a harder time with all those tiny rocks poking my tender feet than the icy water. And hey, there's another bitty berg just over where I can't get at it!

A local gentleman observed my shenanigans and came over for a chat while I put my shoes back on.  I heard about the fox and her kits that he saw on the trail the other day, and stories of how they used to go swimming in the nearby pond.  Never hesitate to strike up a conversation in Newfoundland, it's always welcome and always worth the time.

The remainder of the trail is flat and winds past Farm Pond which is surrounded by lush pasture full of wildflowers and then a section of woods before you are looped back to the parking area.  I was a bit busy having my chat and didn't take any pictures, but here's a simple video of the hike that I made so now you can hear the sounds of the hike as well as see the views.  Sorry about the wind noise out on the headland, no way to muffle that on an iPhone camera that I know of!

There are other trails in the vicinity to explore, and I was there for an overnight in my tent so I had to choose one...

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