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Friday, June 28, 2013

To Sheboygan...and Beyond

This post is about all the new restaurants we tried in the Sheboygan area, so if you're not interested, climb on your lion and make like Buzz Lightyear.  To Sheboygan...and beyond!

Weather Center Cafe
On the Lakefront we visited The Brisco County Wood Grill which wasn't as good on this visit as when Wayne and I ate there.  Great view of where the river and Lake Michigan meet, but we found their salads and pasta better than their sandwiches and fries.  The Weather Center Cafe is also along the riverfront boardwalk and their food looks delicious, but all I sampled was one of their mini muffins.  Got to save something new for our next visit!

Highland House

For lunch one day we ate at the Highland House which is near Lake Michigan but has a view of the river.  Katrina had a giant brat, which is what Sheboygan is known for and they even have a Brat Fest on Memorial  Day. She said they make a great strawberry daiquiri as well!

In Kohler we stopped into Le Craverie Chocolate Cafe which is in the The Shops at Woodlake.  The chocolate cake was too big for even the two of us since we also each got a scoop of ice cream to try.  They have a weird system where you don't pay as you order at the counter and they didn't bring a bill with the food either so I had to go inside when we were done to figure out how we pay.  Each server had an electronic card with their patrons bills on it and they couldn't find our order.  Very confusing.  Everything is delicious though, but be aware that chocolate this good isn't cheap!

Oostburg Bakery

We ate breakfast and dinner one day at Judi's Place in Oostburg.  Hands down your best option for breakfast in the area, I'll only be going there whenever I'm in the area again.  Very good service, and as an interesting side note the owner's father used to operate the Miss Rockford Diner in Rockford, Illinois.  I saw a picture of it on the menu and sparked up a conversation about old diners with the owner when she came by our table.

The staff at Judi's recommended we try the baked goods at Oostburg Bakery around the corner and we bought some cookies to take home.  They were very busy for a weekday morning and sold cookies, donuts, muffins and a nice variety of breads. Yum!

I'm not ashamed to admit I try every bakery that I can, and the Johnston Bakery in Sheboygan gets a big thumbs up from me.  Not only were the cupcakes delicious and the variety amazing, but they had a nice seating area including a fireplace and the walls are decorated with art made by local high school students.  Every year they sponsor Pastry Delight where the advanced drawing/painting students make acrylic paintings that are put on display from Memorial Day to Labor Day in the bakery. What a great idea, more local businesses should try something like this to promote interest in both their establishment and fostering the arts in youth!

Now I want a cupcake....

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  1. Mmmmm.....your post is making me hungry! I love bakeries too. And the chalkboard joke at the Oostborg bakery is one of my kid's favorites.