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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Ashland Fall Fun

I've gotten a few fall overnights in my tent for work, including a very comfortable night not long ago all the way up on Lake Superior in Ashland.  Until this week Wisconsin has experienced unseasonably warm fall weather and I enjoyed the night out at the large campsite in Prentice Park which is run by the city.

In the morning I swooned over the baked goods at the Ashland Baking Company.  Seriously, I almost fainted when the smell of yeast hit me when I opened the door!

Downtown was decked out for fall, and the big Apple Fest in nearby Bayfield which attracts 50,000 visitors was happening the very next day.  That kind of news made me want to take flight and head south as soon as possible...I'm not into crowds and the deadlocked traffic they bring!

So I visited my accounts in town, gathered up my baked goods, and made the tour of the local scarecrows as quickly as possible.

Hey, Packer Fans, did you know Aaron Rodgers is a spokesperson for Adidas?  Do you think that fact is helping me get any of my Adidas product into the Wisconsin offices?  Unfortunately, not yet.

There's a guy who doesn't need a pair of Adidas glasses, seeing as how he doesn't have a head!

I'm always amazed by the creativity of other people.  Check out these Oompa Loompas with Violet in her blueberry form, just delightful!

I picked up some Halloween decorations for the first time, well, ever!  You'll have to wait a few days to see them though.

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