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Sunday, October 29, 2017

High Cliff Halloween Inspiration

Last week I camped at High Cliff State Park in central Wisconsin where it seems they go all out for Halloween.

I tell you I haven't seen anything half as creative in any neighborhood I have ever lived in.

Are campgrounds where it's at?  Are all the creative folks living in the woods?

Anyway, between all the skeletons at the campground and all the scarecrows I saw in Ashland I was inspired to get in on the act so I went shopping in Appleton and Oshkosh on my way home.

What doesn't get used this year will be on hand for some in depth planning next year.  I'd like to turn our yard into a tableau to delight folks and revive some fun in my life.

The dead campers were definitely my favorite, complete with their loyal dog and their campfire that even glowed after dark.

My second choice was the ghoul having a questionable BBQ at his campsite.  The letters had bulbs in them and the scene was lit in a red floodlamp for spooky effect at night.

Nature had its own decorations, including fall color set against the limestone cliffs.

So, what did I do with the decorations I went shopping for?

We got our own camping spot and joined the fun!  Not at High Cliff...we headed south for a week to Levi Jackson State Park in Kentucky.  Most of what I bought was light oriented, and without all the shrubs and small trees we have in Wisconsin I was a bit stymied over how to set things up the way I had envisioned.

I'll tell you one thing, no skeletons are busting out of graves in the hard clay and rock they have here in Kentucky any time soon!

So, no matter what state you are celebrating in, have a Happy Halloween!

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