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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Frank Lloyd Wright, Giraffes and Origami

Imagine my surprise last evening to open up Fantasyland on my kindle and discover that Chapter 20 begins by talking about how even Midwestern architects could become famous in the early twentieth century.  They mentioned Frank Lloyd Wright's distaste for the cities and his longing for pastoral landscapes and how this was when the notion of working in the city and commuting to the "suburbs" began.  He returned north to Wisconsin from Chicago and built Tailesin...which we happened to pass on our rounds that very day!

Wright's artificial lake on the grounds of Tailesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin

One of the few places in Wisconsin I haven't toured, for even the grounds are off limits unless you buy a ticket.  Tours run May 1st through October 31st, but a 2 hour tour of the house and grounds costs $54.  You can see why I have yet to indulge, even though I love architecture.   The Visitor Center across the road is free and has a gift shop, bookstore and restaurant so maybe next time I come to town I will at least swing in to check that out.

There's never much to see in Platteville so don't go out of your way, but I do like the sign for the Owl Cafe.  My mother and I had lunch there today...we weren't overly impressed.

Always quick to spot a giraffe on the side of the road I pulled over to visit this purple one as we left Spring Green.  There are less than 100,000 estimated living in the wild.  None of those currently reside in Wisconsin.  A running joke in our family, since my daughter Katrina once said she thought she saw one running toward the road when she was 17.  She may be tired of getting sent pics of giraffes, but I will delight in it until the day I die.

When we checked into our hotel in Reedsburg after a long but productive day we were greeted by a collection of Origami at the front desk.  You just never know what treasures you will stumble upon on your journeys!

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