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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Spring Shopping

My mother and I had 4 days together on the road - starting in the southeast in Twin Lakes we made our way north to Wausau, then east to Sheboygan and then north again through Green Bay and up to Sturgeon Bay.

Things are starting to get rolling for the tourist season in Door County, including the addition of the sparkly tree in front of Main Street Market in Egg Harbor. Sorry it is sideways, I didn't lie on the sidewalk for a unique perspective, though I have done so on other occasions.

We had a little time to do a bit of shopping along the way, and I fell in love with a dress I would have bought a decade ago but that I was afraid to try on these days.  If it's still there when I go back I may get brave enough, though I really have nowhere to wear it.

Could you see me in the woods in that? Probably better to stick to yoga pants and tee shirts!

The garden shops are open but it was a week too early to be setting out flowers in my opinion with temperatures only in the fifties during the day and colder at night.  Today it's hitting 80F in most of Wisconsin, even higher than that through the holiday weekend.  Thank goodness I saw those Trillium at Potawatomi State Park because all the spring ephemerals will probably wilt in that heat!

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