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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Wisconsin Made, Wisconsin Proud

I should be all caught up with blogging, but for the past 10 days since I left Newfoundland I've been slacking off, wandering around in daydreams.

So today I'm getting out my typing fingers and scheduling some blog posts, get ready for the speed round! First up I have some pictures from Milwaukee when Mom and I went to Public Market and some other places for a day out together.

One of the benefits is the first hour of parking is free, and the other is all the yummy stuff to look at.

We grabbed some lunch and headed upstairs to sit down.  And stumbled upon a gingerbread house competition! Which was great because I didn't get over to the Grand Geneva to see theirs this year.

The public was invited to vote...which to choose?

In the end it had to be the one below, the details were just too fun, though #25 was my runner-up.

I mean, the garden hose alone was worth first place!

Just across the street the cream city brick was visible through the windows while we ate.

So while Mom was finishing up I darted over to Colectivo Coffee and got one of their imitation Pop Tarts to try.  Wasn't a fan, but you might love it!  I'm into doing those things now that I've wanted to but haven't gotten around to since we'll be moving before you know it.

I'm going to miss that many people say that when they leave a place?

One of the spots at Public Market has the coolest counter, and date smoothies which I might try at home one of these days.

We also stopped at the Basilica St. Josephat, someplace I have been to before but my mother had not visited.  When looking back at the post I wrote on that visit, I was amused to discover I also went to Public Market and Colectivo that day.  The pictures are different, only the itinerary is the same!

Most of what you see is painted, the church was originally all white inside.

My mother asked me to climb up and pose for a picture.  I declined politely.

I wonder what it sounds like when the organ is playing and the choir is singing?

If you'd like some nightmares, I suggest going to this link and reading the story of how Josaphat became a martyr.  Or the story of any saint for that matter, gruesome stuff usually.

I made sure Mom went downstairs to read the history of the building of the Basilica, including how they bought the materials from the destruction of the old Custom House building in Chicago and had it shipped to them to be reassembled in a new design.

The Custom House served as a viewing stand for the Vice President during a parade to celebrate the 1893 World Columbian Exposition! It was the second mention of the exposition I saw that day, that history is everywhere I swear.

Merry Christmas...a few days late!  More to come, including news of where I will end up next week!

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  1. Loved the gingerbread houses! Happy holidays to you and your family. Hopefully our paths will cross again in 2019.