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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Steps

As winter came along and the backcountry got covered in snow I started having difficulty finding a place to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

I was fairly surprised to find myself returning to the stairs that lead up the back side of Castle Hill at least once a week.

When the snow started coming down I was sure it would be hard to navigate that steep hill, but at least it was a defined path (not to mention a handrail), and what lovely views when you stop for a minute and look back.

When it started getting really deep I brought along a small shovel to add to the exercise.  Of course that meant more shoveling than walking, but at least I was outdoors.

I wasn't the only one taking a walk there, so the center of the stairs was packed down hard and often all I could do was brush off the sides.

Finally we got a warm up, and I took a sturdier tool along to start chipping away at the ice.

B'ys, let me tell ya, lying down in that cold snow felt good after I cleared off the first flight of stairs all the way across!

Of course, there were plenty of stairs left above to tackle another day.

I haven't been back in a week, and we actually got above freezing again the last few days.  But I needed a break from the steps so I did my walking in Argentia instead. I'm actually leaving tomorrow for my big trip across the Maritime Provinces so maybe by the time I get back Mother Nature will have done most of the work for me?


  1. Wonderful exercise, both just climbing, and then adding the step clearing. And thanks for pushing the shutter button to share the views with us. enjoy your trip, and take lots of pictures! (That's what Mom says!)