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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Briggsville Gardens and A Flamingo in the Belly

I can't believe it's been a week since I decided to drive up to Door County on a whim.  Why does the time go so fast the older we get?

One of the places Katrina and I dropped into was Briggsville Gardens in Sturgeon Bay.  You can pay $5 for a "self tour" of  their landscaped gardens which I did, but my daughter stayed behind in the car and waited for me.  She didn't have to wait too long, while the flowers were nice for the most part there wasn't anything too special to see that kept me lingering overly long.

Of course there might be those who would disagree or perhaps it's better at another time of year, but I thought the grounds were a bit small and the plant layout a bit predictable.

I did like the coneflowers though.  However, I didn't see any of the spectacular species I've been eyeing on Burpee's website except the "Hot Papaya".  I didn't take a photo because they were looking a bit ragged, but it did give me an idea of what I could expect if I ordered some.

Much more delightful was the yard sculpture just down the road...and it was free!  My favorite thing about it was the flamingo in the belly of the dinosaur.  There is no end to human imagination, and it's alive and well on the roadsides of America.

This weekend Wayne decided on a whim we needed to break out the fifth wheel so we headed up to the Port Washington/Grafton area Friday after work.  We wandered around a bit yesterday, but we took it easy last night and just hung out watching TV.  It's nice to spend some time together after all the hours he's worked the last few weeks.  Turns out we missed the Tall Ships Festival here a few weeks ago, but there's the Michigan Schooner Festival which starts September 19th in Traverse City....maybe next year, I guess.


  1. I like that last find. Those are the types of sites I search out. Pretty neat.

  2. Nice flower pics! And I love all the unusual roadside attractions you can see across America.

  3. Friends of ours were in this same area (Door County) not too long ago! What a small world:) As a matter of fact, she posted the same photo you did showing the Niagara Escarpment. They also posted photos of the yard art! Too cool:)

  4. Love your floral photos and the creative rusty-dino chariot. I agree... quiet time or simply enjoying the TV with the good company of your S/O is time well spent.