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Friday, September 12, 2014

Cave Point Part 1 - The Wildflowers

I've got so many pictures from our drizzly stop at Cave Point County Park in Door County from a few weeks ago that I've broken it into 5 posts.

The drive heading in to the park which is located next to Whitefish Dunes was lined with masses of Goldenrod and Queen Anne's Lace.  It was really quite something to see, and after parking the car I cut through the woods to go back and photograph it.

Thistle was in bloom as well and its occasional purple blooms made a nice accent in all that yellow.

There were plenty of asters along the short trail to admire, and since Rue was wearing her raincoat she hopped out of my camera bag to enjoy them with me.

Lindley's Aster?

Want a closer look at those asters?

I saw spider webs sporting droplets of water but had a hard time figuring out how to shoot them.

The caterpillar was easy to frame though.

I had my raincoat, so I kept wandering and shooting.  I love a clouded over sky for photographing plants.  That's one thing that will be difficult when we start spending time in the desert.

Heath Aster?

Even the seed pods of the spent wildflowers were interesting to look at.

I even spotted a small patch of Butter and Eggs!  Linaria Vulgaris is an invasive species, but how can you want to pull it out like a weed?  It's so cute!

Next up, lichen growth was pretty special at the park too!


  1. Yep, rainy days are best for photographs. No worries about shadows and I love the patterns raindrops make on things.

  2. What gorgeous photographs. I love your close ups. How do you keep from getting your camera wet. Since I obviously love long posts you wouldn't have to break this into 5 for me.