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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cave Point Part 2 - The Lichens

How many photos of lichens can I force you to look at?  Is that what you're thinking?  Only 8 in this post.  To make it a little easier on you I'll talk about something else and just label the photos I took at Cave Point County Park in Door County a few weeks ago.

Lichen Bonanza

Everyone's been wondering how my new co-worker is working out and I'm happy to report that she is a super fast learner and fits right in with our style of patient care.  It's only been two weeks and we've already left her alone for a few hours to open/close.

Wrinkle lichen?

Since we don't have a doctor on Monday and she's doing so well I now have the day off and don't have to work until Wednesday!  I have lots to do at home, including getting the kitchen walls primed and ready for a new paint job to go with the new countertop and dishwasher I ordered that will soon be delivered.

Powder-Tipped Shadow lichen?

When I checked my soggy tents the other day that I left to dry in the garage I discovered that one of the neighborhood dogs had come in and marked them as their territory.  At least I hope it was one of the neighborhood dogs!

Fluffy Dust lichen

I'll take a break from scrubbing tents and painting walls on Sunday and head up to Kettle Moraine to try out my new tent that I ordered from Amazon.  Great timing to get a new tent, right?  It came today and I'm hoping it will be a little warmer than either of the other ones I currently have.  It's also designed to be better ventilated so condensation on the inside is hopefully less.  I've got perfect weather for it, we've gone from too hot around here to lows in the 40's.  But, it will be sunny with little wind, actually the kind of weather I really love.  Unfortunately it never lasts long in Wisconsin.  Yes, we went directly from running the AC to having the heat on at night this week.

Raised apothecia of the Eastern Candlewax lichen shown at left  on this branch

We're trying to get something worked out so we can take our kayaks with us down to South Carolina in a few weeks on our big trip of the year.  Wayne ordered a hitch online and it looks like we'll be towing a small trailer for the bikes and kayaks behind the fifth wheel.   We think.

Common Script lichen in center 

While I'm busy with all my projects this weekend he's off to the racetrack with the fifth wheel for the weekend.  I'm glad he's getting to do something fun instead of working double shifts.

Sunburst lichen

At the end of the month I'm meeting Sharon for a long weekend of hiking and friendship at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.  This morning I finally had the time to look into some things for us to do and I don't think we'll have any trouble keeping ourselves occupied.  I hope I don't tire her out too much on her "relaxing" getaway!

Frilly Sunburst lichen?

As usual I'm way behind reading everyone else's blogs.  Seems I almost get caught up only to fall weeks behind again.  With my hours getting cut in half within the next week I'll soon see what it's like to be caught up on things, maybe I'll even have time to start reading books on my Kindle again!

More from Cave Point to come, tomorrow it's time for a little wave action.


  1. Liken your Lichen…
    Box Canyon Mark

  2. Nice lichen pics. Glad you will be getting more time to do fun stuff instead of work.

  3. I'm so impressed with your ability to identify lichen. Your pictures are fabulous. Lichen is just so beautiful and so interesting. Bummer on the dog pee, yuck, few things worse than that to try to get out. Well maybe cat pee. Hope you'll show your new tent and tells us what kind. We take tents with us to backpack. Better check with the states you are driving through to make sure you can double tow. I'm not sure you can down the east coast. No bikes or kayaks in or on the truck??

  4. Keeping up with blogs is tough but with only WiFi at Tim Horton's once day, it is almost impossible.

    I love seeing lichen because when there is a lot around, the air quality is excellent. Great photos!!

    I saw a new rack advertised for two kayaks and two bikes that you put on the back of your RV in one of the magazines. It is a new product but looks perfect if you have both and don't want to carry them on your car roof. Check out › Open Roads Forum › Fifth-Wheels and see if this would help you out.

  5. Loved your "list" and amazing how similar it is to mine. We'll have a great time. No better way to relax than outdoor activity. Can't wait for some cooler temps. Today has been delightful here!

  6. My husband, the biology major, made me memorize the following — Alice Algae and Freddy Fungus took a Lichen to each other — to teach me how to remember the relation between the three. It was twelve years before I got it right. Somehow "Larry Lichen" would creep into the equation and he'd just roll his eyes and write me off as hopeless. Anyway, nice shots, and I'm deeply impressed with your lichen knowledge! (Larry or otherwise) :)