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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Governor Thompson State Park in Crivitz

The only place I went this summer that I still haven't posted about is Governor Thompson State Park in Crivitz.  I drove up there on a whim for the 4th of July weekend because it was one of the few state parks with an open site and it wasn't far from where Katrina lives.  She actually travels there to present at the schools sometimes for her job.

This interesting pair was guarding someone's driveway just down the road from the park entrance.  Kind of like metal jack-o-lanterns.

The park is very much off the beaten track, which is probably why it still had openings.  However, it had great sites, a new looking shower facility, a lake and lots of hiking trails available.  The drive into the town of Crivitz is half an hour so make sure you're stocked up on supplies before you get there.

The campground has a total of 90 sites but only 16 are electric.  There was a trail just steps away from my campsite, and when I checked it out I was the only one using it except the deer.

She just watched me walking towards her for a few minutes, like she couldn't quite figure out what the heck I was doing there on her trail.

A few things to be aware of, even in July the ticks were unbelievable on every trail.  I was constantly bending over to flick them off my shoes.

That trail from the campground loop led to private land that had a deer stand on it.  Wear bright clothing, especially during deer season.

When I made my way back to camp there the doe was on the trail again.  We went through the same routine before she eventually darted off into the underbrush.  This time she made a disgusted sounding snort.  Joke's on her, I've got fingers to flick off the ticks and she doesn't!   I'm linking up to Saturday's Critters today, check out the link if you want to see more critters.

More about the park in the next post.


  1. A pretty park and campsite. It is nice to have the trail close to you campsite.. Love the pretty deer.. Great post. Thank you for linking up, have a great weekend!

  2. It looks like a nice, quiet place to get away from people and machines.

  3. Deer are beautiful animals, but I hate ticks.

  4. Looks like a lovely park. Glad others hadn't discovered it yet. Must be nice to be in a park that isn't over full and hysterical over July 4. Ticks - YUCK!