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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ice Age Trail Fungi and Things I Don't Love

So since I already talked about Potawatomi State Park and the Ice Age Trail, I'll have to find something else to talk about while I share my fungi pics.  The fungi on the trail was stunning but my shots left a little to be desired due to the fading light which left not enough time to set up a tripod and do them justice.  But, better shots that could be improved than none at all.  I hope you enjoy them like I did!

I never shut up about the things that I love on this blog - hiking, photography, public land, wildlife (though not much of that lately, huh?) and the crazy variety of plant life you can find if you look hard enough.  Not to mention exploring museums, reading and soaking up facts like a sponge.

persistent waxcap

You know enough about Wayne to keep me from getting in trouble with him (he's more private than I am) and that he works way too hard and way too many hours.

You know about Cory's struggles with bipolar disorder and Katrina's struggle to make the world a better place through her work.

But it's not often that we talk about the things we don't like, right?  So unpleasant! 

I don't like aggressive Illinois drivers (sorry guys!), and in general people who feel like their "needs" are more important than anyone else's.  Dads who won't pay child support, people who leave their garbage in public areas, folks who bring their dogs places they shouldn't, (not to mention those who don't clean up after them!) shoppers who brazenly cut in front of you in line while talking on their cell phone, those who think their opinion is the only "right" one and condemn others, people who are significantly late and don't apologize at all or make lame excuses, and hikers who go off trail in areas where their footprint could do real damage.  I'll admit to stepping off trail occasionally for short distances myself but I try to watch where I step and be as brief as possible.  And there is some proof right there that none of us is perfect and we all make excuses sometimes, right?

Of course there are things I dislike besides the behavior of my fellow human beings.  Daily annoyances include the never ending supply of cat hair I do battle with, cleaning toilets and washing floors, cold weather and hot weather, and picking up dirty clothes within feet of the laundry hamper or dirty dishes sitting above the dishwasher.

lepiota cristata

I'll guarantee you I've forgotten a boatload of things, as a species in general we love to complain.  But often I try to remind myself that if these are the only things I've got to complain about than I'm doing all right.  What annoys you? 


  1. I love all the fungi photos!! I never seem to find the colored "mushrooms." I guess part of it is the fact that I prefer rocks to tree covered trails. I enjoy seeing huge views around me rather than tree after tree. Guess it comes from being raised on the east coast. I am a desert/rock lover of the west!!

    You hit many of my pet peeves:)

  2. LOL - you covered pretty much everything that bugs me too. Stupid drivers probably bug me the most tho - honestly, half those people shouldn't be driving.

  3. You did a good job with your choices. I'm sure I could add to your list, but nothing's coming to mind. Love the fungi pics.

  4. Guess my greatest annoyance is people who can't or won't view life/others/circumstances/choices through any lens other than their own. Who criticize rather than celebrate the fact that we are all unique individuals and the fact that my likes/dislikes/choices might be different than yours is something to be learned from and not condemned.