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Thursday, September 4, 2014

When Pigs Fly

So, minutes after spotting the field full of sunflowers in Algoma I saw pigs flying.

Or, I saw The Flying Pig.  One of those.

The Flying Pig features "creative works of creative people" and on Sundays some of those creative works take the form of goodies at their Farmers Market.  You know what I came home with, right?

Don't freak out, only two of those jars of jam came from the farmer's market, and the loaf of bread hiding in the back.  The rest of my haul was bought further north.

The creative works by creative people in the store didn't interest me as much as the yard sculpture did.  I've learned just to enjoy them and not look at the price tags though, especially in these places that cater to the "Illinois crowd" on vacation.

I haven't tried the jam I bought yet but the guy who was selling bread gave me a sample that was yummy and I bought a loaf of the cherry cinnamon bread which was fantastic.

There was a nice little pond at the back but the only mosquito I saw was made out of metal so I'm guessing they treat it with chemicals to keep the pests from bothering the customers.

There were quite a few plants amongst the sculptures that I didn't recognize and I think it's a shame they didn't have them for sale either at the farmer's market or as part of their regular stock.  They weren't labeled either so I can't go pick them up at a local garden center.  Wasted sales opportunity on their part, in my opinion.

 They were selling cookies inside and I bought three of them in different flavors.  We sampled them over the next couple of days and they were all undercooked, overly buttery and since they created a lot of unexpected bloating I'm assuming there was some hidden dairy in them as well, probably in the form of powdered milk.  And they weren't cheap either at $1.50 each, so stock up on artistic gifts but buy your cookies elsewhere.


  1. Ooh, I love the yard art. I don't know how we missed that.

  2. When Pigs Fly. Loved that book. I also love underdone cookies. I could eat the dough raw and often do. I mean what is it but sugar butter and flour with perhaps some chocolate chips thrown in. Most of us would eat cardboard if it was coated in butter and sugar. The bread sounds delicious.

  3. Neat and unique art. I like the mosquito...the only kind I like:)