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Monday, September 15, 2014

Kewaunee Post Office Mural

On my way back from Door County I stopped in Kewaunee to get a look at that Post Office mural I missed when Wayne and I were there touring the tugboat.

This mural is titled "Winter Sports" and was painted by Paul Faulkner in 1940.

I'm thinking real hard about a trip in the early spring that would include more than 20 stops at U.S. Post Offices in 3 different states to add more to my collection, but in the meantime this will be my last New Deal one for awhile.  Lots more murals that are more current than the Depression still lined up!  And you can always get a fix at Monday Mural.


  1. Have you seen the New Deal mural in Coit Tower in San Francisco? If not, next time you're in the area you have to stop in. Absolutely incredible.

  2. I like your theme for your spring trip!

  3. Great mural though very depressing with the colors, they don't even look to be having fun

  4. That's a very cool mural. That's also a sharp edge those guys are about to go off!
    Take 25 to Hollister