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Friday, September 26, 2014

Sunset at the Dunes

Okay, I don't want you to hate us too much.  Really, I don't.

Okay, we rented a house right on the beach, with big windows to see and hear Lake Michigan.

But, all is not perfect.  The dishwasher is out of order.  There's a strange gasoline smell in the bathroom that only occurs at night.  The house overall smells kind of mildewy if we don't keep a few windows cracked.

There's even a permanent guest in the living room that Sharon is not overly fond of.

But....location, location, location!  Just a few miles from just about everything and right on the beach.

We even have a walkway down from the deck to the beach that is lined with native plants.

And since we're at the southern end of Lake Michigan we get sunrise and sunset views.

 Once the sun starts seriously going down it cools off fast.  Don't you feel sorry for us?

And right before sunset we have to put up with the occasional motorboat playing their radio loudly.

Tonight I had to stand on the bench at the corner of the deck to get this shot of the sliver moon.

Now, stop rolling your eyes, all really isn't perfect at the lakeshore.  Do you see what's marring what would be an otherwise lovely view up the shoreline towards Gary?  (Don't get me started on the industrial nightmare that is Gary)

  Isn't it a romantic setting for an evening stroll?

I know Sherry will just be apoplectic at the sight of that! Indiana Dunes was created after decades of advocacy and argument, and unfortunately after some sections had already been industrialized by steel mills and a power plant.  Did you know the town of Gary used to be sand dunes and was leveled to create miles of mills and refineries that stretch all the way to Chicago?  They are trying to protect what is left, but with climate change, pollution and reduced funding it is hard to sustain an already fragile environment.  More on that after I volunteer at Cowles Bog tomorrow maybe.

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  1. That's quite a place, for sure, especially that great deck. But does it roll down the road?