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Monday, September 22, 2014

Manitowoc Historical Mural

I believe this is finally the last of my photos from Manitowoc.  I spotted the mural in downtown which depicts the town's history as a shipbuilding community.

Manitowoc was officially founded in 1836, but Europeans had been in the area since the late 1600's as fur trappers. The first wooden sailing ships were being built in the harbor town by 1847 with clippers and schooners soon following.

Of course as I mentioned in my previous post the town also built submarines during World War II and now builds pleasure yachts.  Manitowoc is also the sole Wisconsin port to Lake Michigan's S.S. Badger which travels back and forth to Ludington, Michigan.

Linking to Monday Mural.   Oh, and I painted the kitchen!  And scrubbed the grout on the kitchen tile floor with a toothbrush.  The ragweed must be making me insane.  I'll post pictures when the countertop goes in.


  1. Nice mural. I like historic ones like these!
    We were supposed to get our kitchen installed today, but the floor wasn't ready. :(

  2. That's one big mural. I laughed..........."oh and I painted the kitchen" in my spare time and scrubbed the grout with a toothbrush. Before the ragweed effect stops can I hire you to detail Winnona inside???

  3. It's interesting how the town's industry has moved with the times from sailing ships to submarines to yachts.

  4. This community has a lot to be proud of. The mural is lovely and is a beautiful punctuation mark for the town. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.