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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Brain Freeze?

Well, when we came as far north as Sheboygan that meant we were halfway to Door County, right?  So yesterday we got in the car and made the 2 hour drive to get some jam.  Ten jars of jam and 2 bottles of Door County Distillery vodka, to be exact.  And with the temperature at an unbelievable 14F and the wind rolicking at 15 to 25 mph why not throw in a visit to Cave Point County Park as well?

It was quite a different feeling than my last visit when Katrina and I stopped and heard the waves booming and splashing, that's for sure.  Even with my snow pants on I was freezing and we had to keep moving or be in danger of becoming one with the frozen landscape.

bundled up
a different kind of ice sculpture

Mom kept yelling at me to get back away from the edge, she was sure I was going to shoot right off every time I knelt down in my snowpants but I assured her they only looked slippery.

Mom enjoyed the views

 We followed the curve of the shore and of course I admired the lichens which all extremely prolific in this area.

Mom thought we walked around forever but I'd say it was maybe a little over a half mile, it only feels like a lot when you're hoping the fact that you can't feel your toes isn't a thing to worry about too much.

On the bright side I figured out my wifi situation when I stopped in to the local Verizon.  Turns out they changed the plans and I was eligible for another GB per month at my current rate, and if I'm on the road and want to add more data for the month I can do it at anytime, and only add it for that month if that's all I want to do.  Pretty sweet!  But not as sweet as the 2 jelly donuts and a cupcake I had tonight when we got home.  I'm blaming that transgression on brain freeze.....

Warmer days in the forecast, I'm hoping this was the last really cold one of the season!


  1. You and your mother are intrepid. I can't imagine even going outside in weather like that let alone to a park with such beautiful snow and ice sculptures. Look what I would have missed if it weren't for you. Many many thanks!

  2. Good to see out enjoying the beauty mother nature left for you. Too bad it has be so cold to create such it. Gorgeous photos! Love the "ice sculpture."

  3. Welll done wandering round in that lot, the ice formation is amazing. Nothing wrond with Doughnuts though not sure about the Vodka

  4. Love that landscape along the shore at this time of year! I'd like to visit the Door Peninsula sometime; it seems to be a reverse of the Bruce Peninsula here. And that 3rd pictures really grabs me; neat way to photograph it!

  5. Love all the icy photos. I'm sending our warmth your way...... :)

  6. Wonderful photos of the icy shore! It's gorgeous.

  7. Sure looks different than when we were there too. Interesting pictures.