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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

These Are A Few of my Favorite Things (In Sheboygan)

So my mom and I started out the day snuggled down in our pjs due to the icky weather yesterday.

Wind and snow on Lake Michigan, snug and warm inside!

But the worst of the storm passed to the south of Sheboygan (I have the best luck with this on trips!) and by noon we were ready to get out of the house.  I suggested a short tour of some of my favorite spots in Sheboygan, which included showing her the chimney sweep statue and the chocolate shop on 8th Street, along with the boy and his slingshot mural and the Sheboygan Theatre sign too.  If you want to see those things, click the links to my previous posts about them, but here's the theatre sign.

And since we had a few letters to mail we stopped at the post office and I got a picture of the other mural in the lobby that was missing from my post on Monday.

I actually forgot about the bathrooms at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, and I started giggling when we walked in the building and I remembered.  Mom couldn't believe it when I opened the door to the ladies' room!

And then it was on to the mens' room too, of course.

It's a little art museum, but they change the exhibits often and I'm always amazed at what I see there.  Admission is technically free, but donations are encouraged if you visit!  What we saw was just opened and will be on view until October.

The display of work by Ebony G. Patterson took our breath away.  The floor tapestries were made from images of murders and then transformed into complex works of art representing the under-reported violent crime in the lower socioeconomic class in Jamaica.  They were adorned with everything from toys to shoes, coins, and jewelry and lots of glitter and knitted roses.  Very intense.

The paradoxical relationship between dancehall culture and the traditional Jamaican image of manhood

I teased my mom saying, "and you wanted to just go to Walmart!"  There was more on display, including some interesting pieces made from a combination of traditional pastels with embroidery.

And the JMKAC does a lot of work with children including classes.

Loved the Creepy Carrots, that kid shows promise!

Even the windows are transformed by the children, all you need is a roll of black masking tape!

Turned out Sheboygan is just as fun in the winter as it is in the summer!


  1. What a great place to visit, love the loo's and museum

  2. Oh my gosh, I wish MY bathroom looked like the ladies room at the Arts Center. Or the men's room, for that matter! They are works of art.

  3. Wow! That is an interesting place.