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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Corbin Depot Mural, Kentucky

It was almost two months ago already that Cory and I were heading home from our trip south and one of our last stops was in Corbin, Kentucky.  There is a mural on the building adjacent to their historic depot that depicts their rail history.  For more murals don't forget to go to Monday Mural.

The mural was painted in 2010 and the depot itself was freshened up and is being turned into a rail museum.  They are planning a grand opening on National Train Day in May and are seeking local train artifacts to help complete their displays.  I wish I could go for the opening (any excuse to head south!) but most likely I will be working too much to get that far away from home.  My boss is likely having her baby this week so until mid-May Jessica and I will be helping cover her hours at our other location.

While searching the internet for information about the mural I found a link to a story from 2011 about vandalism perpetrated with a can of spray paint.  Apparently the town spends about $3,000 a year cleaning up graffiti and goes after those responsible for financial restitution when they can.  Makes me wonder how much money our little town spends.  I hope it's nothing, but can't imagine even a town as small as ours is exempt from mischief with spray paint on occasion.

Even though I'll be too busy for the next 6 weeks to go away, the weather is making a turn towards real spring today and I may even go camping and hiking on Tuesday and Wednesday up at Kettle Moraine.  I may not be able to go far, but it will feel good just to get outside again!


  1. Wonderfull mural you found there. Really like it

  2. Me too, love the mural. I sure hope all towns can catch vandals and extract restitution. Here's hoping you get out on the trails.