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Monday, March 16, 2015

West Bend Horses

The website that I used to consult for finding WPA New Deal murals is now no more.  I found two other sites, one website is called the Living New Deal.  That website lists not just public art projects, but also projects such as buildings (Milwaukee Public Library was a big project I've visited!) campgrounds (we've stayed at Perrot State Park) and parks that were constructed.  Seeing the stained glass windows listed from Milwaukee's City Hall brought a smile to my face and reminded me of that fun but chilly visit Wayne and I made to the city.  We've certainly enjoyed what the New Deal provided for future generations in our travels!

When my mom and I visited West Bend during our Sheboygan stay I ducked into the post office because we had another letter to mail and they were on my list of mural locations.  The painting is titled "The Rural Mail Carrier" and was painted in 1937 by Peter Rotier. It was very dark looking so it might be in need of some restoration I'm thinking, but still a beautiful work that depicts rural Wisconsin nicely, though the mail is no longer delivered by horse and buggy out here, I swear!

Speaking of depicting rural Wisconsin and horses, our route from Sheboygan to Plymouth to West Bend that day included a lot of back roads through glacial terrain and we saw a lot of barns with stone foundations that were interesting to look at.  I kept my eye out for one that seemed like it would photograph well and got a bonus when some horses were framed nicely in the doorway.  There were a lot of heavy work horses in the area, this ain't Kentucky after all.

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  1. I checked the link and, sure enough, Ron's hometown Greendale, Wisconsin is on it. The WPA built it in the 30s - a planned community before there were planned communities. It's the cutest town and Ron was so lucky to grow up there.

  2. Beautiful barn and I love the B/W shot of the horses in the doorway. Really sorry to hear that the website you used for the murals was taken down. The only reason I can think of is that it was costing someone money. Too bad they couldn't find a free platform for such valuable information. Glad to see you've found some other sources. I look forward to your murals.

  3. Great barn and post office mural. Tom The Backroads Traveller