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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Home for the Holidays

Home for the holidays.  

As usual we are home for the month of December, but still I dream of being elsewhere.  This year my free time thoughts inevitably would stray to thoughts of owning a little retro camper for my solo trips.  And so when I saw these little ornaments on Amazon I had to buy them and add them to our tree.

I made a little headway for the first time the other day by pointing out to Wayne that in addition to being safer for a woman on her own I would be able to do my local short trips in rainy and windy weather.  Often I cancel those short trips if it looks like I might have to take my tent down and store it wet.

When Wayne said he was having trouble coming up with a gift idea for me I told him he knows what I want.  But I don't expect I'll wake up Christmas morning and find a trailer in my driveway.  Can you imagine?  Nothing would ever be able to top that gift!

But as far as gifts go we keep it simple and we just give our kids, each other and my parents each one small inexpensive gift at our get together.  We have all that we need and the holiday shopping season is something all of us are happy to avoid, keeping the holidays joyful instead of stressful.


  1. Oh yes, you should get yourself a nice little teardrop trailer for your explorations!

  2. Those little trailers are so cute:) Wouldn't that be so wonderful to find that little trailer in your driveway...that would be a "small" gift:) The tree looks lovely:)

  3. I don't know… that is some pretty serious hinting!
    You deserve it, right?
    It could happen :)
    Box Canyon Mark