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Monday, December 14, 2015

Steve's Diner in Moncton

I was going through my photos today to get a recap of 2015 and discovered a couple of shots from Steve's Diner in Moncton that I neglected to post back in September.

I forget where we got this recommendation, but supposedly this is the place the locals like.  I wasn't that impressed personally.  High priced greasy spoon with a limited menu.  But I did like the murals.

Having a little bottle of molasses on the table was different, too.  All kinds of foods are different north of the border.  If you're up that way make sure to really look closely at the chip selection.  Some of the flavors are unbelievable!

I'd like to take part in Monday Mural but as has happened on other weeks the linky isn't working when I try to add mine.

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  1. I love those little 50'sesque diners but they often seem to have mediocre food that is pretty high in price for what it is. Maybe that's the way it was in the 50's too.