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Friday, February 10, 2017

Lake Geneva Snow Sculptures Return

I don't know what's happening in southeastern Wisconsin this weekend, but last weekend the temperatures were hovering around 20F in Lake Geneva.  Believe it or not this was a good thing, our winter has been abnormally mild here and it was time for the town's annual Winterfest which includes the big snow sculpting event.

Lake Geneva on a chilly but sunny morning

Parking can be a problem on the busy weekend of this festival so I was glad to leave on Friday afternoon and not return until Monday, but shuttles are available.  Also available besides viewing the sculptures during the weekend are other events including a garden turned into an Ice Bar, a human dog sled race, and a Cocoa Crawl.

Sculptors at work

The mood was high as I walked around watching the sculptors at work, they all started cheering when the radio station that was playing over the loudspeakers announced the U.S. National Snow Sculpting Competition going on in Lake Geneva.

I don't know how they stay out there working in that weather.  Even though it was sunny it was a frigid 15F that morning with a light breeze off the lake.  I was wearing a long down coat and wool mittens and I was back in my car after a five minute brisk walk around the Riviera Fountain area.

The fountain is a replica of New York's Angel of the Waters fountain but is all covered up for the winter.  I'm not usually down by the lake early enough in the summer to see it lit by morning light, I bet it's beautiful.

My favorite was the entry by Maine, but there were more on Wrigley Drive as you continued along the street that were quite elaborate as well.  If you want to see more about the competition and the entrants from past events go to this link.


  1. Some fantastic sno sculpturs there, somthing I doubt we will see here at the moment. Just been catching up with you blogs and walk around Chicago. Been a long time now since I visited the city. I stayed at the Hyde Park Hilton while I was there and saw Mr T with his onterage at Lunch. I was working atthe near by Uni and visited the science museum and Hancock Twoer. I'd love to have had more time there visiting places but ened up going else where. Good luck with the new job

  2. Gorgeous sculptures! Glad it was cold enough to keep them frozen.

  3. Wow! These sculptures are simply amazing. Really beautiful, thanks for sharing.(