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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Workaholic Awakened?

Since I officially started my job on Monday this week I've worked 8-16 hours a day.  And that includes today...I am pooped!  What did I have to do that took so much time?  On Monday and Tuesday I drove out to Beloit and met with my regional manager for 4 hours each day of training on the company, the product and the protocols.  I also went in to my old job for a few hours on 2 days this week to help out since they haven't hired anyone to replace me yet.

The UPS driver will be seeing a lot of me from now on

On Wednesday my product finally arrived!  That was the killer day, I spent 14 hours unwrapping and sorting my frames...with a little help from my furry friends.

Believe it or not they chewed nothing, just watched!

Every time my eyes crossed from reading all those tiny numbers or when my brain just felt overloaded I switched gears and made Thank You cards for my accounts that place orders and handmade "hello" tags to go on treat bags for those cold calls I'll have to make.

I've been to the office supply store and the craft store on two different days, and today I had to drive to Janesville to meet my partner to pick up another wheeled bag. For some reason they only sent me one, the other two didn't have wheels and she had an extra.  The weather was like late spring today, and it was a needed break to get out in the sun and meet up with a friendly face after having my nose to the grindstone all week.  Maybe you recognize her girls, they are the lovelies who were in the family portraits I took earlier this year.  My new partner is my old partner who used to work at our company's Beloit office!

Happy girls straight from riding lessons and playing with goats and puppies

We are so excited to be working together again, it's just like old times with phone calls and texts shooting back and forth every day.  Yesterday we even met at my office in Lake Geneva and my co-worker practiced being the Buyer while I practiced being the Seller.  I got a lot of practice in while Jessica supervised me and made sure I did everything correctly.  It's a good thing, because tomorrow my mom and I hit the road with my bags in tow, I have 3 appointments in Sturgeon Bay on Monday!

Seen in Delavan as I zipped through on my way to Janesville

I'm calling it a day at 10:00 tonight, which has been the norm all week.  I'm looking forward to a leisurely drive up north tomorrow...after a few more hours getting things organized and packing first!

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  1. Hopefully, work will settle onto routine soon. Startîng new projects can be invigorating and exhausting at the same time!