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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Chalk it Up - This too Shall Pass

While shooting the Herons of La Crosse I turned around and found these chalked pieces of artwork on the sidewalk behind me.

Wish I knew someone artistic to convince to chalk up a quick mural, Lake Geneva would be perfect for something like that in the summer.  This weekend it's a madhouse, took me 10 minutes to clear a four-way stop to park in the lot for work on Friday due to the 4th of July weekend madness. Maybe not a good time for sidewalk art with all that foot traffic.

While reading Mark's post at Box Canyon Blog I got to contemplating the balance I struggle to find between "bragging" and "whining" when writing my blog.  For me the travel, the photography, and then writing about my adventures on my blog are like mental therapy.  I get to remind myself how lucky I am to be able to see and do these things and then experience the joy of trying to share it with others. This, however, does not mean that I don't have boring days and even days that are just flat out bad.  I've been having a particularly bad week around here...and writing my blog and reading others' blogs helps keep me grounded and looking forward to sunnier things.  This bad week too shall pass.

I'm sure you all realize that even if I don't write about it often, troubles accompany me in my daily life as well as in my travels, some troubles major and some minor.  Last weekend's camping trip to Kettle Moraine involved some minor troubles like noisy neighbors, sometimes the GPS makes things crazier instead of easier, bugs bite, ticks find me, and most of all I am a terrible klutz who is prone to dropping her camera and tripping over her own feet.

But, like going to the movies, I find blogland to be "escape" and I come here for the beautiful things in my life and in others' lives.  It's good to remind ourselves that happiness is out there in a variety of forms and that life's traumas and dramas are just a part of it all and not the main event.


  1. That's quite a subtle piece of pavement art. I see a good bit and I think that it's a waste that good art is going to be washed away by the rain. Nowadays, I've seen a few taping a big sheet of paper to the pavement and drawing on that but that seems like cheating. I'm just fussy - poor pavement artists can't win!
    Have a better trouble free week next week- It starts tomorrow :) Perhaps even today.

  2. Wonderful art that shame it will be washed away in a short time. Keep positive and be happy.

  3. I am a lot like you as for the travel, photography and writing for the blog being a pleasure and yes, I guess a form of mental therapy. I do find myself venturing to the edge of boredom when at home yet there are times when on the road that I long to be home once again.

  4. "It's good to remind ourselves that happiness is out there in a variety of forms and that life's traumas and dramas are just a part of it all and not the main event." Not always easy to do, but good words to live by. :)

  5. Sorry to hear about your bad week. But actually, I sometimes like to read about some bad weeks so I don't feel as if everyone else out there in blogland is having a wonderfully perfect life. I write so many blog posts in my head (especially when travelling) and then think that there really wasn't that much of interest to publish. I should get over that.

    1. Yes, you should! My problem is if I don't get to writing right away the subtleties evaporate that make for a good story to go with the photo and I'm left with nothing but dry facts. But sometimes that works too!

  6. Well said!! Hope this week is better.