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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Now and Then Falls

I drove over to Amnicon Falls State Park while in Superior to have a look around.  There is a nice little trail system alongside the falls, but it was Now and Then Falls that caught my eye.  As I was heading back to the car I saw the small sign and arrow under a tree.  Had the place to myself, just the way I like it!

Well, me, the mosquitoes and these guys.

The area used to be owned by the railroad, and lumberjacks felled trees which then tumbled down the Amnicon River to Lake Superior where they were taken to sawmills and used to build the villages of Duluth and Superior in the mid 1800's.  They quarried sandstone in the area here too, I'll talk a bit about that tomorrow!

My daughter is sitting behind me watching a documentary on Showtime called "Virgin Tales" which is about Evangelical Christians calling out for a second sexual revolution: chastity.  She's only 9 minutes into the movie and her comment was, "Who needs horror movies when you can watch stuff like this?" 

What does that have to do with anything, you ask?  Well, she got that job offer in Marinette and will probably be moving next week.  I'm going to miss moments like that, it's going to be very quiet around here pretty soon! 


  1. It's nice about the job offer, but tough to see them go.

  2. That is so good to get a job, wish my son could get one. Love the waterfalls.

  3. I like Katrina's style. She'll do well in her new job.

  4. Quite like the name Now and Then Falls!

  5. Your waterfall pictures are gorgeous! Looks like a lovely spot.

  6. What a delightful looking spot to get to yourself - just right for forgetting about the lumberjacks and quarrying that might have gone on there, as well as the rest of the world for a while (including modern telly).