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Friday, July 19, 2013

That's Pogonia, not Begonia

I'm almost caught up on my blogging!  Just this last post about my weekend in Kettle Moraine.  Today I am hard at work in the Superior Public Library in Superior, Wisconsin.  I drove by the old Carnegie Library here this morning...but we'll get to that next week, right?

I woke up to a wet morning after my first night at Pinewoods Campground a few weeks ago and decided that since I was going to be wet no matter what I did it was a good time to revisit Beulah Bog.   Remember those great peacock emblazoned boots I bought? Forgot to pack 'em.  Luckily the hikers I packed were my old ill-fitting ones though.  First I had to hike through this:

Beautiful, but within 2 minutes I was soaked to the hips from the wet plants hanging over the trail.  I did remember my rain coat though, and that kept the mosquitoes off me.  Can't have a bog without those stinkers in the summer time.  I kept my camera under my coat when not in use, and eventually I made it to what remains of the walkway.  It's slowly losing the battle to stay above the bog.  All the rain we got in June hasn't helped much.

But, on the other side of the squelchy, tottery path lies pink pogonias at this time of year.  They're teeny-tiny orchids that made me smile. Perhaps Judy can weigh in with some info on the subject of pogonias.  I had a hard time finding out anything besides mind numbing facts on the internet.

But the main reason I came, as always, was to see some pitcher plants.  They always make me think of Newfoundland.  It's kind of like going home without leaving Wisconsin.  I'll be quiet now and let you enjoy the images.  Don't forget that you have to imagine standing there all by yourself with only the sounds of the rain falling for company.  It was wonderful.

Pogonias chumming it up with pitcher plants

Lotus flower in the rain

Don't turn your back on me, young lady!

Anyone thirsty? Insects drink at your own risk!

Is this my good side?

Maybe I'm cuter seen from above?

I know Judy talked about those little plants that look like aliens in the above photo and that they are carnivorous but can't remember what they were called.  First time I noticed them out in the wild and probably because she photographed them and talked about them on her blog.  Judy has lots of great photos and stories, you should head over and check them out.  She's in Minnesota now living it up in tick heaven.  For once I'm not too jealous!

Selfie with submerged foot visible.

When I made it back to the car, this is what kind of a soggy mess I was.  Luckily I had extra clothes in the car to change into before I drove in to East Troy.  The pants were tucked into my socks to deter ticks, and I'm pleased to announce I found not a single passenger with legs, just lots of weed seeds.

Wandrin Lloyd recently sent me a photo entitled "what Newfies do with their old rubber boots".  What kind of Newfie am I that I don't even remember to pack mine?  Shockin'!


  1. Fantastic plant photos! And loved the "selfie" of your reflection in the water. Good for you for getting outside despite the soggy weather.

  2. Got to love the boots at the end

  3. FEED ME, SEYMOUR! Carnivorous plants are cool. I remember Judy posting those, and she confirmed that plants in a nitrogen-poor environment need bug steaks to get by. Me? I just read a recipe for coconut bacon.

  4. I bought a pitcher plant and some Venus Flytraps when a was a young boy. From a back page of a comic book I believe. They didn't survive. I'd love to see them growing in the wild like that.