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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Morning in Marinette

Day 2 of my latest escapade entailed a little reconnaissance mission in Marinette.  Katrina had a skype job interview set up and wanted to eye the town and its apartment possibilities.  The main place to get an apartment is in the Dunlap Square Block, just a short walk from where Katrina could conceivably end up working.  The collection of buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places and have been renovated into shops, apartments and some business offices as well.  Some of the original marble and decorative molding remains throughout the main apartment building which used to be Lauerman Brothers Department Store. The store was built in 1904 and remained in business until the 1970's.  There is a book out on the store and its role in the community, but not a kindle version so I put in a reserve at the library for the book which is on order at this time.

I also stumbled across a fellow blogger who had a post about postcards from Marinette including this one of the department store.  He has some lovely memories of the store that he shared in the post.

Marinette is home to the Marinette County Courthouse which was of Art Deco influence.  Not quite in the league of Sheboygan's Courthouse, but I did like the Egyptian styled panels on the front of the building. Research is so awesome, I might never have caught that Art Deco had Egyptian nuances if not for my diligent digging!

I originally intended to slip over the border into Michigan for lunch but we decided to head to the far side of the state to the Eau Claire area after seeing the apartment building.  Katrina got a call that it's between her and another person for the job so it's looking pretty likely I'll have plenty of opportunity to explore Marinette again soon and have an excuse to go to the U.P. before the snow sets in.

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