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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

East Troy Electric Railroad

While camping at Kettle Moraine I decided to head over to East Troy for a look around for something to do on a drizzly morning.  I hadn't been through town since we took the kids to the Electric Railroad Museum there for a train ride years ago.  I find now that the kids are grown it's fun to go back to places we took them and see it differently through adult eyes.

The building that houses the museum was a substation and was part of the Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Company.  The line dates back to 1907 and much of the track is original.

Cutie on the left is a 1920 streetcar.
They also had a lovely garden out front to admire while waiting for your train to arrive. Too bad the light was so flat and gloomy, but you get what you get while traveling.

The train departs East Troy and heads down the line to The Elegant Farmer at the Phantom Woods stop, home of the famous apple pie baked in a paper bag.  Great apple pie, great cherry pie, come hungry!  I actually drove from The Elegant Farmer to the railroad museum in order to watch the train since I've ridden it before. The workers had no problem letting me onto the trains just to take photos.  Smart business to let me help spread the word.

#4453 was built in 1924 and was a Rapid Transit Chicago Elevated car (CTA)

Pullman car from the 1940's becomes a dinner train

I even got to board one of the dinner trains.  Some people were being shown around before their event and I was allowed to tag along.  Someone was getting married and having their dinner on board.

I mentioned the pie right?  They also sell a multitude of other food items.  I picked up a turkey and munster sandwich with a slice of cherry pie.  They also have every other bakery item you can imagine, plus a large selection of applesauce flavors. I had a sample of the rhubarb applesauce. Yum!

Pineapple pie? Might have to try it next time!

The conductor smiled and waved when he saw I had raced ahead to a bridge to catch them coming down the line.  Next post I'll tell you about what I did before I got to East Troy.  It's a very wet story that includes hungry plants instead of hungry train passengers.


  1. Wayne I think you need to look at my last two blogs, it might get you drooling. What a great museum not sure if we have the like here though we do have preserved railways.

  2. I like the perspective on your last photo.

  3. I know it's confusing, Bill, but Pam is the blogger, Wayne just tags along sometimes. I've been meaning to change my profile to make it less confusing, perhaps I'll get to it today! Streetcars are making a comeback here in the states, a few towns in Wisconsin are using them as tourist attractions, including Kenosha. I'll get to that eventually!