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Monday, July 22, 2013

Riverboat Mural, La Crosse

We only found one building mural in La Crosse when we were there in May.  It depicts the War Eagle, a steamboat which caught fire and sank in May of 1870.  We didn't make it to the Riverside Museum,  but they have an exhibit featuring hundreds of rescued artifacts from the tragedy and if we make it to La Crosse again we'll stop in to check it out.

This post is dedicated to Wayne's patience when I start shouting for him to slam on the brakes so I can shoot murals.  How he puts up with me I'll never know!

Not only is he sweet enough to put up with my photographic escapades, he points out cool stuff for me to shoot like this sidewalk art.  Isn't he romantic?

Of course now I realize I should have tried to shoot us facing each other opposite the footprints. Probably wouldn't have been able to maneuver it anyway.  Check out the other mural fans' finds on Monday Mural!


  1. That was some tragedy with the boat and lucky so few people were killed. Like the last photo

  2. I think you did the sidewalk art just least that is how I would have done it.

  3. It is realy a nice mural, must have been so nice to be at such a boat.

  4. Some of us (yes, me!) have a tendency to romanticize these old steamers. They look so beautiful but were so prone to such disasters.