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Friday, July 5, 2013

Kohler American Club

One of our stops in Kohler was the American Club.  The American Club was opened in 1918 to house single male employees in comfortable surroundings at an affordable cost.  It is directly across from the Kohler Company, and now is a 5 star resort.  The have some nice gardens that we stopped in to take a stroll through, though not as nice as what I expected.  It would be a pretty spot though to take your coffee outside while staying in the resort.  The Greenhouse is a coffee shop in the center of the garden area and there is also a nice fountain and a seating area.

Walter J. Kohler Sr., founder of The American Club and President of the Kohler Co., served as Governor of Wisconsin from 1929-1931.  At that time there was a set of elevator gates emblazoned with a "W" that were in the Capitol building.  Originally crafted in 1920, the gates were removed during the remodeling of the Capitol Building in 1958 and were acquired by The American Club.

The American Club sits across from the Kohler Company and we had a great view of the clock tower.  I love a good clock tower, ya know.  What is it about giant clocks that is so appealing?  Perhaps a symbol of the fact that we all have schedules to heed, places to be, no matter what decade or location.  Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

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  1. Such beautiful windows!
    And I also am drawn to clock towers. And am annoyed when they are not working and stay at the same time forever.